CreDB: Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just a fancy database or a real blockchain solution? Can’t I just change the local data at any point in time?

Trusted execution prevents the data from unwanted changes. Further, instead of massive replication, CreDB relies on economic incentives to ensure liveness: a data provider will not just shut down their instance as it would disallow them to conduct further business. This is in stark contrast to conventional databases, where the data provider can change the data any point without shutting down their instance.

Whats the license of CreDB?

The implementation is free for non-commerical use. See the LICENSE for more information.

Does CreDB support ACID transactions?

Yes. Please see the API documentation for more details.

Can I use the project in a commerical setting?

Please contact us about commercial usage of the project.

How do I generate a signed enclave?

At this point you need to retrieve your own certificate from Intel to do this. As soon as there is a stable release we plan to distribute a signed enclave binary along with the source.